Development and future of IDCShop cross-border e-commerce platform

IDCShsop e-commerce platform boosts

London, United Kingdom, 24th Apr 2022, King NewsWire, Canadian economy: Cross-border e-commerce is a new type of economic activity nowadays in the world. It is a trade activity conducted by sellers and buyers in different regions throughe-commerce platforms on the Internet.All information exchanges, money transactions, etc. are carried out on the Internet e-platforms, and related processes such as contact between buyers and sellers, commodity logistics and transportation, and buyer payment and settlement are all realized through Internet e-commerce. IDCSHOP TECHNOLOGY LIMITED

The Internet is the carrier of cross-border e-commerce. Compared with traditional sales platforms, cross-border e-commerce has big differences in price judgment standards and sales channels.This is the most significant feature of cross-border e-commerce, and it is also an important factor for the development of cross-border e-commerce in recent years. (IDCShop E-commerace platform)

Cross-border e-commerce is mainly characterized by globality, intangibility and anonymity. Besides, there are many types of cross-border e-commerce models: according to the types of objects they provide transactions and services, cross-border supply chain e-commerce models can also be further divided into B-B type (business-to-business) and B-C type (business-to-customer), B-G type (business to government), C-C type (customer to customer), etc.According to the characteristics and requirements of different types of technologies used by various network equipment that electronic trade needs to rely on to connect, cross-border network-based cross-border e-commerce systems can easily be divided into EDI network-based cross-border e-commerce, Internete-commerce, Intranet and other cross-border e-commerce based on Extranet network structure.

The IDCSHOP TECHNOLOGY LIMITED company is a small enterprise mainly engaged in the manufacture of consumer electronic products, especially various electronic and 3D equipment accessories such as notebook computers, tablet computers, mobile phones, and digital camera accessories, and also the manufacture and sale of wholesale trade.Founded in 1999, after more than ten years of development, it gradually occupied a place in the field of 3D digital electronic products industry, had its own mature product and R&D and manufacturing elite team, and soon began to enter its own rapid maturity and critical stages of growth and development. The B-C model of cross-border electronic trade and e-commerce development provides a new idea for the company’s business and development goals, helping and leading the company’s business to achieve better and faster development.However, due to the impact of the current 3D network digital product industry, the company’s network brand sales and other aspects have been influenced by the market.

IDCSHOP TECHNOLOGY LIMITED When a corporate brand wants to quickly and successfully enter the international market, the first thing that needs to be faced is the regional differences in society and culture in various countries around the world.Secondly, we need to face the risk of increasing the risk of RMB spot exchange rate due to trade price problems caused by international trade protectionism.And the company’s cross-border e-commerce marketing strategy is mainly divided into four aspects: product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy and brand strategy.(IDCShop E-commerace platform)

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